Steps To Remove Textured Ceilings

Ceiling textures are introduced to enhance the look of any room and at times they also hide small flaws in the ceiling.  Whatever be the reason, there comes a time when we want to remove them to make way for more sophisticated or stylish look.  Some people like to remove them if they seem old, outdated and unsightly.  Hiring a professional to remove the textured ceiling leaving the cornices is the easy way out, but you can do it and save your precious money if you feel confident and have the time.

  • To begin with, cover all the electrical points with tapes to prevent the paint getting into them and posing a nuisance.
  • Get huge plastic sheets; thicker the better; and cover the entire floor with them and on all those items that could not be removed room.  Some people prefer to cover the walls and cornices too.  Cleaning becomes an easier job with this.
  • Take a gallon of water in a bucket and mix two to three spoons of mild detergent into it.  Fill this mixture into a pump-sprayer.  If you do not have a pump-sprayer, it is better to buy one to make your job easier.
  • Spray the mixture on one corner of the ceiling and allow it get soaked fully and become very soft in a few minutes.  Remember not to spray the entire length and breadth in one shot, as it will start drying as you start working.  Choose part by part.  Spare the cornices if you want to leave them as they are.
  • Now, stand on your ladder and start to scrape away the texture with the help of a putty knife or some similar device.  The texture will come away as it has become very soft.  Take care not to damage or gouge the drywall beneath the texture.  Repeat the process of spraying and peeling until the whole ceiling is done.  It is not a tough job but surely a time-consuming one.
  • Finally, remember to conceal gouges or lines with spackling and you will need to sand the ceiling to smooth out rough or jagged areas once the spackling dries fully.
  • Now your ceiling is ready for a fresh coat of primer.  Use a paint of your choice after the primer has dried completely.

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