How to Remove Textured Ceilings

Steps To Remove Textured Ceilings

Ceiling textures are introduced to enhance the look of any room and at times they also hide small flaws in the ceiling.  Whatever be the reason, there comes a time when we want to remove them to make way for more sophisticated or stylish look.  Some people like to remove them if they seem old, outdated and unsightly.  Hiring a professional to remove the textured ceiling leaving the cornices is the easy way out, but you can do it and save your precious money if you feel confident and have the time.

  • To begin with, cover all the electrical points with tapes to prevent the paint getting into them and posing a nuisance. Continue reading

Gyprock Ceilings – Painting and Decorating

Painting and Decorating Gyprock Ceilings

Painting a home can be an exciting task but can get equally painful too.  There are so many options, so many permutations and combinations that you can try, so many suggestions that people pile you with, of which some can be interesting while some more can get ludicrous and weird!

You follow some many well-meant hints and tips; and should use your own grey matter too – and the result can be mesmerizing or woefully bad and ugly.

Since you are the owner your home, wisdom lies in following your instinct and ability to do the right thing for your loved haven!

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Gyprock or Plastering?

Is Gyprock™ better than solid plastering?

There are a few ways to get the walls and ceilings of your choosing. You can choose solid plaster or the traditional Gyprock ™

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Ten Points To Remember While Using Gyprock

10 tips to keep in mind when using plasterboard.

Plasterboard could be defined as a construction device made of gypsum plaster substance compressed between two thick layers of paper. Depending on the strength and weight of the lining paper, the plasterboard exhibits different characteristics.

1. Even before putting up the plasterboard, it is absolutely necessary to make sure that the plasterboard you are using adheres to the standards laid down by your local building stipulations, to avoid any complications later.

2. You might be aware that gypsum actually consists of crystals with small amount of water. In case of fire, the water content vaporizes, bringing down the temperature of the fire and checking its intensity and further spreading. Gyprock Fyrchek plasterboard is ideal for ceiling and wall systems where fire resistance is needed.

3. Good plasterboard should Continue reading