What is Plasterboard?

Plasterboard consists or a gypsum inner layer wrapped in a heavy-duty liner paper.

The inner core consists of a mixture of gypsum, and a foaming agent which create a wet plaster mix. This plaster is applied to a sheet of paper and the sides of the paper are folded around the plaster. Another sheet of paper is added to create a plaster ‘sandwich’. This is dried before being cut to length, ready for use. The final plasterboard sheet has two long edges that are paper-wrapped and two cut edges.

Plasterboard come with different properties according to the weight and strength of the paper and other additives. There are numerous types of plasterboard available today to cover a range of purposes.

In Australia Gyprock® manufactures a wide range of premium quality plasterboard ranging from general application boards to specialty boards for acoustic, fire, wet area, impact and mould resistant systems. A complete range of environmental boards for Green Building projects is also available.

The Advantages of Plasterboard

Fire Protection
Fire rated plasterboard is available including products suitable for wet areas.

Noise Reduction
High density plasterboard with increased noise absorption properties are available for domestic and commercial uses such as:

  • Bathrooms
  • Home theatre rooms
  • Between floors in multi-storey residences
  • Meeting rooms and quiet rooms in office buildings
  • Hospital wards and operating theatres
  • Acoustic bulkheads and shafts

Asthma and Allergy Friendly

There is even a plasterboard product treated with gentle antifungal agent, to make it highly resistant to moisture and humidity, classified as low in volatile organic compounds it emits fewer chemicals than the acceptable Australian standard.

The attributes of Gyprock®Sensitive make it an ideal selection for use throughout the homes of asthma and allergy sufferers.

Wallpaper or Paint friendly

Once sealed properly, paint or wallpaper can be applied directly to the plasterboard.
Easy to handle and use for the DIYer.
Lightweight and easy to cut, however flushing large areas of plasterboard are really a job for the experts to achieve a professional finish.


An environmental range of Gyprock® plasterboards that have been formally accredited by Good Environmental Choice Australia. The range has been manufactured with higher levels of recycled content, allowing EC08™ plasterboards to meet the requirements for Green Star Points.

No matter if you are building a new home or planning a renovation The range of plasterboards available these days will make a big difference to the appearance, safety and comfort and of your home.


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